I enjoy taking photographs. I could go into the psychology of why, but I'm not going to.

My usual camera is a simple, cheap, Kodak EasyShare point-and-shoot, because it's small, fast, and I like messing with the limited settings in unintended ways to get strange effects.  Sometimes I borrow my wife's Canon Powershot A95. In the past, when I took film pictures, I used various manual SLRs: an old Canon rangefinder, an Olympus, a Nikon FM-10. They're still knocking around the house somewhere.

Daily photos: In early 2010, inspired by some Twitter friends, I decided to take and post a photograph every day of the year. Some of them have been growing into interesting blog posts, which is a nice side effect. See all of them here.

Flickr photos: I use Flickr to host some of the photos I've taken that I'm more happy with. Check them out if you want to.
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