About Mister Fonzie

I'm a copy editor and a freelance writer. I have a master's degree in creative writing and have published several short stories and many more columns and articles. Much of this stuff isn't exactly in print anymore, so it's likely I'll be reprinting those stories, and some original stories, here.

I was once briefly a reader for the literary magazine Ploughshares, which is a nice publication filled with short fiction and poetry, the latter of which I don't bother reading. I also was a member of Mensa, which is not all it's cracked up to be, so I stopped paying the annual dues. Not worth $52 a year. Believe me.

I have a wife, two dogs, and two cats.  I no longer smoke cigars, the picture be damned.

Things I like, in no particular order: jazz, films, photography, salty foods, pie, animals, beer, and Christmas.  Things I dislike, in no particular order: the word "soul," the word "heart" referring to anything except the cardiac organ, sleaziness, noise, people who tell me what I should and shouldn't be eating, New Age bullshit, blueberries, and misspelled signage.

Many of the posts on this site originated as weekly or biweekly humor columns written for the daily newspaper The Herald News. I won an award for this from the New England Press Association. I did not make any money at it, however.

I used to co-host a running podcast called 4 Feet Running with my wife. We still maintain the site as a running-related blog. If you're interested in running, go there and check it out.

My wife, Nicole Wong, is an extremely talented painter and illustrator. If you're a nice person you'll check out her website here, where you can see her portfolio, her blog, and most importantly her store, where you can find beautiful works of art for sale. Go buy something -- art makes a great gift.

If for some reason you feel like contacting me, send me an email at blackfonzie at gmail dot com. I'm also on Twitter multiple hours a day @misterfonzie. I often write a lot of shit that you may not be interested in, so be forewarned.

This should go without saying, but all the stuff you see here is © me.
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