Short Fiction

I'm primarily a fiction writer. Even stuff that's on here that's ostensibly nonfiction, I've probably slipped a little fiction in there somewhere. Unless that is fiction, what I just said. It's a mystery.

Some pieces here are straight-up fiction I've written and published. Some of the pieces are fiction I've tried to publish but failed and assumed they'd be too strange or off-putting to find a home anywhere else. Some were written specifically for this site, or because I was bored, or because I needed to get rid of some idea.

The fiction I write is usually odd, sometimes funny, occasionally a little horrific, often experimental, and sometimes mainstream. In other words, uncommercial. For instance, I have never written a story about vampires and I never will -- the closest I got was a 250-page novel I wrote as a kid about an amoebic, 6-foot green goo creature.

You can find all the posts labeled "short fiction" here.
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