Way back in 2003, I started writing a weekly humor column for a newspaper. Then it became biweekly because I was writing it on my own time for no money and therefore doing it sank down in my list of daily priorities. The column went on hiatus in late 2006, and reappeared in May 2007 -- and this time I made actual money. It vanished again in late 2007 when the company decided they'd rather not pay for content (even though it was a piddly amount of money, probably less than you have on you right now) and I wasn't willing to keep writing it for free.

I won an award for writing the column, which was nice, but I don't even have the certificate because it was retained by my employer at the time. You'll just have to take my word for it. It was second place. If I were making it up, I would've given myself first place.

Anyway, the complete archive of every column I wrote -- something like 200? -- is here.
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