Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Junk drawer, Part 2 (Daily Photo 7.24.11)

Like it? 

As part of the kitchen remodeling we're having done at the moment, we're taking some time to look through drawers of stuff and re-evaluate whether or not all our junk is 100% necessary. We've come to realize, for instance, that we only need two frying pans. I threw out another six that were old and worn out. And while poking through the drawer of utensils while I was stashing things away in boxes, I found more junk that we've rarely, if ever, used. This wooden-handled ice pick (or is it an awl?) came with the house. It was stuffed in a drawer when we got here, and we never bothered to throw it away.

We own a garlic press, and yet I haven't actually pressed my own garlic cloves in something like four years. We buy jars of minced garlic. It's just easier.

I'm not sure this tea ball ever got any use. In any case, we can't see using it in the future, either. 

I'm be perfectly honest with you: I don't even know what in the fuck this is. If you can identify this thing, please let me know.


Jason Woertink said...

It's a drain cover.


Dan said...

Thanks, Jason! Now that I know that, I probably could've used it to be honest...

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