Monday, July 18, 2011

Junk drawer (Daily Photo 7.17.11

Like it? 
We're having our kitchen redone soon. In anticipation of this, we're moving stuff out, including the junk drawer. We found stuff we never knew we had -- or knew, but never threw away for some reason.

Green Silly Putty, a bit hardened but still silly.

A broken spindle from our stair bannister.

The name plate for the previous, and late, owner of our house, which we'd kept originally for ironic purposes.

And my favorite: a full gross (144) of cocktail umbrellas.

One thing I found that I'd actually been looking for was this: Nunzilla, a wind-up toy nun who walks and shoots sparks from her mouth. To think, the poor thing had been in a junk drawer all this time.

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