Saturday, July 09, 2011

Catching up (Daily Photos 6.26 to 7.6.11)

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Let me explain briefly how Mister Fonzie's sausage is made. Normally I post these Daily Photo entries one at a time, and I like that method. It gives each photo its own space. I do that even when I get a backlog of, say, a week's worth of photos. But I haven't been able to catch up lately. At first I was too busy. Then my laptop's keyboard broke and was in the shop for almost a week. So I've got nearly two weeks to catch up on. I figured I'd make it easier on myself and compile them all into one post.

June 26: The Warrior Dash. Nik & I did this 3-mile slog through muddy Amesbury Sports Park. Read what we had to say about it here, on Daily Mile (Nik and Dan), and check out more photos at the 4 Feet Running blog. Also (possibly) (marginally) interesting: we shot these photos on actual film. Because the Warrior Dash would be fairly dangerous to any valuables kept in our pockets, we took along disposable film cameras we'd gotten for free a year ago as swag at a CVS 5K.

June 27: Dad turned 66 years old. It's hard to know what to get him, because he has everything he needs, so I got him a gift card to a local bowling alley. He's only played a few times in his life, but legend has it he's got quite the knack for it. I've never tried it myself.

June 28: My left hand felt sprained after the Warrior Dash. I thought it would go away after a couple of days, but it started to bruise a bit more badly. I had to take to taping my fingers and icing it.

June 29: Mean old dog in the bed.

June 30: Still more bruising on my hand, which I think actually looks sort of cool here because I can pretend I'm part of a fight club or something. Also, it hurts.

July 1: A view from the break room at work, quite grainy.

July 2: Ever since we moved into our house 6 or maybe 7 years ago, I've wanted nothing more than to sit on my porch and eat a leisurely breakfast. That's actually not true. I've also wanted a successful career, economic freedom and comfort, the respect of my friends and peers, self-confidence, emotional stability, new siding, a repaved driveway, the ability to recognize the good in others, and an assortment of new guitars. I've so far been able to get any of those things, so I have to settle for sitting on my porch and eating a leisurely breakfast. But we couldn't afford any furniture. That changed when Target put its selection of outdoor furniture on clearance. Now I can sit out there, relax, have my coffee, eggs and bacon, and breakfast al fresco while I stare at the floorboards and wonder if I'll ever make enough money to get them repainted.

July 3: South Main Street, night.

July 4: The Fourth is a fairly big holiday in my family. It's Nik's Gramma's birthday -- she turned 97. She was mixed about it. It's also the date we arbitrarily picked for Stanley's birthday -- he turned 6. He was thrilled, as usual. We took him to Pratt Farm in Middleboro, a small park with short, easy hiking trails and a pond, all his favorites in one place. 

July 5: Fruit flies in the house. One dropped into my home-brewed iced coffee, adding a dash of protein.

July 6: After about 5 days without a computer, I finally got my MacBook Pro back from the shop. The keyboard had gotten fried before the holiday because Nik tripped and spilled a teeny-tiny drop of coffee on it. It killed my H, Y, 6, and Num Lock keys. So I took it to our usual Apple repair shop and they took their sweet goddam time fixing it. The fixit-guys have an old Apple Lisa 2 (or possibly a Macintosh XL) just hanging around on a table with a bunch of other crap piled near it. I asked, and they claim it still works, though I think that's horseshit until I see it for myself. MacWorks or GTFO!

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