Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bird (Daily Photo 7.22.11)

Like it? 

My dad & I were in my garage doing a little DIY work when he said, "You have a bird." I looked over at the rack where I keep some gardening tools and saw, perched by the seeder on top of some paper bags, a bird. It was alive, mouth open and staring at us. I told it to fly off, but it wouldn't. So I moved a few things near it to shoo it away, and it only cocked its head. I soon figured out that it was a baby that probably fell of the nest, had gotten stuck in my garage, and couldn't fly its way out again. I tried to get it to leave the garage and find its parents, wherever they were, but it kept refusing to leave. Eventually a family friend, over my house to do some remodeling work, picked it up and placed it in a bush outside, where it promptly dropped off to the ground and hopped, confused, under the fence and into my yard where my dogs were playing. I didn't see what happened to it after that, but I'm going to go ahead and presume it's no longer with us. The good news is, the dogs didn't bring it in the house. That's all I know.

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