Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bad blogger gets another blog

Like it? 
I probably should've put this post up sooner, but I'm a bad blogger.

I recently started writing another blog for work. It's called Man Vs. World, and you can find it here. I hope you find it fun. It's a mix of weird news, bizarre stuff I find on the Internet, pop culture critiques, that sort of thing. So far there isn't a set schedule for it -- I'm writing posts as I find the time.

The blog posts are short, but I'm writing a longer column for print, too, to publish every other Sunday. Those will be published on the blog too. But if you're anywhere near my area, and let's face it, you aren't, so I'm not going to bother finish asking you to buy a printed copy.

You might also want to like the Facebook page they set up for me at work. It includes a picture of my stupid face. More importantly, it should notify you whenever I post something new. If you're interested. No pressure.

Anyway, enjoy.

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