Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nano caches (Daily Photo 6.18.11)

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I'm a fan of geocaching, although I don't get to do enough of it. Go here if you want to know more about what geocaching is, but the basic idea is that it's a treasure-hunt game played with containers hidden all over the world, using the GPS coordinates to find them. A good geocache is a puzzle, exercise, and a geography lesson all in one.

I decided, after a few years of finding caches, to try hiding one of my own. There's a lack of caches in the downtown Fall River area and a few interesting historic sites that I want to show visitors. So I bought some magnetic nano caches to hide. These are extremely tiny: the width of each cache is about half the width of a dime. Not everyone likes nanos, because they're difficult to find and don't contain anything except a paper logbook. But I'm hiding these in high-traffic areas in a city of 88,000 people. They need to be small. Besides, part of the point of geocaching is to get people to visit interesting spots -- the cache itself is only what lures you there.

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