Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hiding the first cache (Daily Photo 6.19.11)

Like it? 

I set out on a short run with Stanley to hide my first geocache. I'd spent weeks scoping out several spots for it downtown and settled on one only a few hundred feet from my office. That way, I can keep an eye on it, in case it goes missing or needs maintenance. When you hide a geocache, you become responsible for maintaining it -- replacing logs that are full, replacing the cache itself if it goes missing, giving hints to people trying to look for it, &c.

I chose a small park right in downtown Fall River. You essentially can't get any more downtown than this cache. It's next to a temperance fountain erected in 1882 that has long since run dry. However, Stanley found some stagnant rainwater with a cigarette butt in it and thought that was good enough to drink.

It's not so much a "park" here as "a spot with benches and some plaques." I remember hanging out here a few times on lunch break many years ago, eating a sandwich and reading Don Quixote. The other day I saw two teenagers making out there, eating each other's faces and reading the Braille on each other's T-shirts. Little has changed.

These are the GPS coordinates if you want to go looking for it, by the way. Or find it here, on Geocaching.com.

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funderson said...

A dry temperance fountain..how appropriate.

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