Saturday, May 14, 2011

Xbox (Daily Photo 5.12.11)

Like it? 
OK, so we went out to Target for a few things. We ended up walking out with an Xbox. Right. Don't judge me. I feel you judging me. This is the first video game console I've bought since 1998 and it was $50 off. Also yes, I'm still looking for a job and leaving the house once in a while and doing other fulfilling things with my life. Nik & I have both wanted a video game console for years now, because we both like casual video games as a fun stress reliever once in a while. We don't play much, and we live very frugally -- you can see from the picture above, we don't even have cable. We deserve one nice thing, goddammit.

So no guilt. Knock it off.

1 comment:

funderson said...

As long as you write awesome dolphin jokes, we have no problems...

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