Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day (Daily Photo 5.8.11)

Like it? 

M is for Mattapoisett, where we took my mother this morning.

O is for the outside, where we ran. I'm struggling already with this.

T is for the Tiara Classic 5K, where Nik and I earned PRs and mom missed hers by just 2 seconds.

H is for the heroic effort it took to run those 3.1 miles.

E is for the effort it took to run those 3.1 miles. Definitely struggling here but this is almost done so I have to see it through.

R is for the run we did earlier. In Mattapoisett.

See more photos from the run here, on 4 Feet Running.

1 comment:

funderson said...

She has got to be proud of your mad prose and running skillz..word..

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