Monday, May 23, 2011

Kennebunkport (Daily Photo 5.18.11)

Like it? 

On the eve of our 10th wedding anniversary, Nik & I decided to take a short trip somewhere. We don't have a lot of money, so we found a bed & breakfast in Kennebunkport, Maine, less than a 3-hour drive from home. 

It's a town with a reputation for extravagant wealth. Usually rich people keep it classy. Not this house. There's a giant sculpture of an abacus on the front lawn. If the numbers here don't spell out the address number, this is a huge waste of space.

Kennebunkport is also the summer home of the Bush family. You can get pretty close to the compound, which frankly seems kind of small -- at least compared to the Kennedy compound in Hyannis. There's a guard shack out front, but from this vantage point on Ocean Drive he's too far away to see people (like me) flipping the bird to any Bushes in residence.

We went for a 5.5-mile run along the shoreline in cold rain and mist -- not ideal running conditions, but at least ideal running partners. 

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