Monday, May 09, 2011

Fenway (Daily Photo 5.1.11)

Like it? 
By some miracle, Nik not long ago suggested that we watch a Red Sox game. She isn't a baseball fan, and had a lengthy and gruesome list of alternatives that she would find preferable to watching it live. But she was curious and decided to have a new experience, so I sold a kidney and got us two tickets.

I'm not a rabid fan, but I do like the Sox, follow them as much as I can, and baseball's the sport I prefer the most. Incidentally, this is why I don't go to sports bars and talk shit with other men: I say things like "I do like the Sox, follow them as much as I can, and baseball's the sport I prefer the most." This is not the way men are supposed to speak about sports. We're not supposed to have moderate views.

After the game (Sox won over the Mariners, 3-2), they opened Fenway Park's warning track to fans who wanted to check out the field personally. They also had various objets des sports out there including the World Series trophy -- but I breezed past those so I could spend more time absorbing what it was like to be in the field itself, in the same spot where some of great baseball plays in history took place, gazing up at the Green Monster and the scoreboard pocked with baseball-sized dents. Again, I'm reminded why I can't talk sports with other men: I just said objets des sports. Fuck. Anyway.

I saw a curious thing on the Green Monster: graffiti. I wondered how it got there, since it's not like a wall anywhere else. This is inside a stadium, in center field, far from any seats and low down to the ground. Whoever scrawled it had to be on the field, standing on the warning track, and arguably the people most likely in that position are either players or Fenway grounds crew. I don't know what it means or who it refers to, and a quick Google search didn't help me. But I like to think some outfielder was bored one day while  -- maybe it was Tony Gwynn -- and, in the middle of a game, realized he'd brought a Sharpie with him.

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funderson said...

Love the dent picture. Also, very jealous...oh, how I love going to see the bases ball.

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