Monday, April 04, 2011

Payphone on Bedford Street (Daily Photo 4.1.11)

Like it? 
Ever since I spotted a payphone in New Bedford the other week, I've been fairly obsessed with finding others. I was running through downtown Fall River and found this one, outside La Iglesia de Dios Inc. on Bedford Street, which is apparently a storefront church. I grew up around this area. This joint used to be a pharmacy when I was a kid.

No April fool's joke: Only one block down the street, right next to the store where they sell dirty movies, is another payphone. Not only that, but a guy was actually using the phone when I passed him. I'm fascinated by outdated technology -- payphones, newspapers, that sort of thing. You'd assume most people would never need a payphone, what with companies practically giving cell phones away, but it clearly isn't true for everyone.

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