Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nik's birthday (Daily Photo 4.9.11)

Like it? 

It's Nik's birthday. We couldn't splash out on anything fancy, times being tight and all, so we had a simple day out beswirled with extravagant colors and shapes provided by one of the world's leading glass artists. 

There was a members-only preview of the Dale Chihuly exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts. So since we're members, we previewed it. Those are the kind of perks we're used to.

The show was pretty great, with some pieces being really striking, best of all this room with a glass ceiling covered with randomly placed colored objects and light streaming through. Some pieces looked more or less like lopsided fruit plates or misshapen bowls -- like, if you'd taken a glassblowing course and brought something similar home, your friends would say, "That's almost really nice, but it went a little blecch on that one side. Nice try, though." Yet you put it on a shelf in a museum and call it a Chihuly and people stare at it in rapture. Art's funny.

One thing for Chihuly's work: It made me want to touch it. Not only touch, but lick. Something about the quality of these purple glass reeds was very popsicle-like. Seemed like they may have been delicious. I have weird criteria for what makes Good Art. Really great stuff makes me want to lick and eat it. This includes oil paintings. A great oil painting gives me the urge to run my finger through it and eat it, like frosting. It's a strange sort of food-based synesthesia, maybe.


You figure out what's going on here.

Afterward, we headed over to our favorite sushi place, Minado in Natick, a sushi buffet. We ate until we exploded. This is Nik's second full plate. It's an interesting place. Whenever we go I'm almost always the only non-Asian around, and strangely for a buffet place everyone is rail-thin. You normally associate the idea of "buffet" with Holstein-sized specimens of self-hating humanity packing their faces with fried salted meat. I've never seen one of those here. It's nice.

More photos from the day here, on Nik's blog.


funderson said...

Lovely pictures...also very much liked Nik's. I checked hers out and tried to tell her Happy Birthday and that 35 rules, but some error message said not so much. Please pass on my birthday regards.

Dan said...

Thanks! Did you have trouble commenting on her blog? I think she's had that issue before...I'll tell her to check it out.

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