Monday, April 04, 2011

Burgers and books (Daily Photo 4.2.11)

Like it? 

Nik & I needed to get out of the house. We hit a Greek restaurant in Providence with a nice little bar. I didn't get a great shot of it, unfortunately. Blame the iPod.

The food was pretty good. I got a lamb burger, and Nik got some kind of huge beef kabob. She had a nice plate of leftovers too -- except they dumped her plate instead of giving it to her. 

We stopped by a bookstore afterward, just to browse around. There's something about this sign that seems poignant to me. I don't know why. As does the one below.

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funderson said...

HA! This reminds me that yesterday it occured to me that certainly SOMETIME in your life, you're bound to write a story that fits the chicken dance title. Have faith.

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