Friday, March 18, 2011

Treats (Daily Photo 3.17.11)

Like it? 

Myrna's birthday is St. Patrick's Day. She turned 6 this year. Nik took her for a 6-mile run, and later we brought her to Petco, bought her some bones, and a container of Yƶghund, frozen yogurt for dogs. I have no idea if she liked any of this.  

It was also a big day for me, as I had a job interview at a ritzy place in downtown Providence. I wandered around Waterplace Park for a while beforehand. I have no idea if the interviewees liked me.

Since I had a job interview, I figured I'd treat myself and bought an Italian grinder (that's New Englandese for "sub" or "hero" or "hoagie") from Marcucci's. This is the only sandwich shop in Fall River that matters. I haven't had one in probably over a year. I do know one thing: it was worth the 4 bucks.

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kristen said...

It sounds like a much more "badass" sandwich when you call it an Italian Grinder...hoagie is not badass at all.

Hope the interviewees liked you!

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