Thursday, March 03, 2011

Battle of the pumpkin ice creams (Daily Photo 3.1.11)

Like it? 
People who follow this blog (both of you) are aware of my obsession with the pumpkin flavor. I drink pumpkin coffee, eat pumpkin pie, have pumpkin beer, put canned pumpkin in my milkshakes. I decided to feed this unhealthy craving when, at Whole Foods, I stumbled across two competing pints of pumpkin ice cream. This could be very good or very, very bad. My lower lip is starting to tremble just thinking about it.

Both are made locally: Cold Fusion in Newport, RI, and SoCo Creamery in Great Barrington, Mass. Despite both being pumpkin flavor, each was subtly different from the other -- but both were delicious. The SoCo had a slightly stronger taste of cream and nutmeg, but the Cold Fusion tasted more strongly of pumpkin, to the point where it was almost exactly like very cold canned pumpkin. The winner? Both. I don't know. They're both pumpkin ice cream. Let me eat both.

One downside to the SoCo was that the ice cream was a tiny bit crunchy, as if there were larger-than-normal ice crystals folded in. I'm guessing the stuff was a little old. Don't worry! That's not a deal-breaker. I'm willing to give it another try with a fresher batch, particularly if SoCo wants to send me some for free. Come on -- give an unemployed guy a break.

One downside to the Cold Fusion: Don't eat it if you're allergic to anything at all. Anything. Also, I don't know what "crazies" are. I could be allergic and not even know it.

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kristen said...

Nuts and crazies? What kind of an operation are they running?

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