Monday, March 28, 2011

Stanley with his nose caught in a fence (Daily Photo 3.27.11)

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Not unlike this photo from a few days ago. He stood there for several minutes before I dragged him away.

Swirly (Daily Photo 3.26.11)

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Stanley with his nose caught in the front door (Daily Photo 3.25.11)

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He stood there for about two minutes.

Decrepit Victorian (Daily Photo 3.24.11)

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Sometimes, when I see the peeling paint on my porch and shingles, when I think of the feet of ash collecting in my chimney, when I stand in the shower ankle-deep in gray water, I think my house is in rough shape. But at least it doesn't look like this one. My city is rife with beautiful Victorian homes that look raped. On my usual walking and running routes, I see houses that might've once been mansions -- but they're in such disrepair that Queen Victoria herself would shit her XXXXL bloomers to see the state of them. There's no one around here with any money to fix them up, either. It's a shame.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

-A (Daily Photo 3.23.11)

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My previous post dealt with DiGiorno's Pizza and Self-Hate Cookies. I have nothing against pizza itself -- nor with cookies, really. They're both fine in moderation and not in prefab frozen form. And if you're going to get non-frozen non-cookie'd pizza anywhere within 30 miles of Providence you could do much worse than go to Caserta Pizzeria on Federal Hill, probably my favorite pizza place. This particular beauty is a slice of -A, otherwise known as everything except anchovies. They have very, very few topping options, but you don't need them when the pizza's that good.

Pizza & Cookies (Daily Photo 3.22.11)

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I'd heard word of this product before but never thought I'd see it in the wild. This is where your 21st century technology has taken us. It's a box full of depression.

Noble Pils (Daily Photo 3.21.11)

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Ready for a very short beer review? I bought some Sam Adams Noble Pils. It's lighter than I'm used to but quite flavorful and smooth. I enjoyed it. Please send more. The end.

Downtown New Bedford (Daily Photo 3.20.11)

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Nik ran the New Bedford Half Marathon -- a race I was supposed to run as well, until I got the flu in January that killed my training. Instead, I spent my time hanging around downtown New Bedford. It's a place that's both interesting and depressing.

It's one of the only places I know of around here with an actual public phone. Someone across the street, on the other hand, is on a cell phone.

As for the race, Nik did wonderfully. Check out more race photos and whatnot here.

Miniaturized Nik (Daily Photo 3.19.11)

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Nik and I ran the St. Pat's 5K in Providence, the third race in a series of Irish-themed 5Ks. Access to Providence's high Statehouse steps overlooking the plaza meant one thing: tilt-shift time, baby.

3:35 (Daily Photo 3.18.11)

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Visited Nik's Gramma, and took this with the iPod's front-facing camera while showing her how it works. She's amazed that it's a camera where you don't have to send the pictures to be developed.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Treats (Daily Photo 3.17.11)

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Myrna's birthday is St. Patrick's Day. She turned 6 this year. Nik took her for a 6-mile run, and later we brought her to Petco, bought her some bones, and a container of Yƶghund, frozen yogurt for dogs. I have no idea if she liked any of this.  

It was also a big day for me, as I had a job interview at a ritzy place in downtown Providence. I wandered around Waterplace Park for a while beforehand. I have no idea if the interviewees liked me.

Since I had a job interview, I figured I'd treat myself and bought an Italian grinder (that's New Englandese for "sub" or "hero" or "hoagie") from Marcucci's. This is the only sandwich shop in Fall River that matters. I haven't had one in probably over a year. I do know one thing: it was worth the 4 bucks.

Norbert's (Daily Photo 3.16.11)

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My hair has gotten a little shaggy lately, especially considering I'm going on job interviews with people who can't always appreciate a full, lush mane of hair. So I headed over to my cousin Norbert's barber shop to get a trim. That is not me in the chair.

Miniature shed (Daily Photo 3.15.11)

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Had to step out on the roof again, where I snapped a pic of the neighbor's shed. I'm liking the Instagram tilt-shift feature.

Cat world (Daily Photo 3.14.11)

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Bed, water, window, and scratching-post cat tree. Throw in the food bowl and this is fucking Disneyland.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rope (Daily Photo 3.13.11)

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It doesn't take much to keep Stanley occupied.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tilt-shift at Target (Daily Photo 3.12.11)

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I've been using Instagram on my iPod Touch to take and share fauxlaroids. It was recently updated to include a tilt-shift feature. Legit tilt-shift uses actual tilt-shift lenses, but the fakety-fake digital version basically just limits the focus to a narrow band and blurs the rest of the photo to give it a look of simulated miniaturization. I'm still playing around with it.

Cloudy (Daily Photo 3.11.11)

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Not much sun lately.

Ash Wednesday on Thursday (Daily Photo 3.10.11)

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Written (in ash?) in front of Union United Methodist Church.

Nine (Daily Photo 3.9.11)

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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

New room (Daily Photo 3.8.11)

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Nik's Gramma officially moved from a temporary room in the rehabilitation section of the nursing home to a permanent room. She's now a full-time resident there and settling in. Now we have to decorate the place and make the room as personal as possible. She wasn't crazy about it at first -- when we first visited, she was in a foul mood about the move. After putting up some of her photos, she quickly warmed up to it, even more so after the nurses offered her some ice cream. She's grown to love ice cream, except she says she doesn't have it much: "Only once a day."

No more screws (Daily Photo 3.7.11)

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 I installed sheet metal screws into the bottoms of sneakers for winter running -- they provide great grip on snow and ice. Maybe I'm being presumptuous, but I'm guessing the heavy snowfall is over for the year. So I pulled the screws out of my shoes. For more info on screw-shoes, see the 4 Feet Running blog.

Gray afternoon (Daily Photo 3.6.11)

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It's a fairly typical March in New England -- shit weather.

Pawtucket (Daily Photo 3.5.11)

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Nik & I visited Pawtucket for a 5K race. I've never really spent any time downtown there, and didn't realize there was a river running through the center of town. Apart from that, the city is a dump. Check out more photos from the race on the 4 Feet Running blog.

Whiskers (Daily Photo 3.4.11)

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Floppy lips (Daily Photo 3.3.11)

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Stanley has an on/off switch. Or possibly manic-depressive. At any given moment he's either running around like a nutcase or he's doing this.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Cemetery gate (Daily Photo 3.2.11)

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Went for a short run by myself. Now that the snow has mostly thawed, I was able to run through the cemetery near my house. The place hasn't changed a bit.

Battle of the pumpkin ice creams (Daily Photo 3.1.11)

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People who follow this blog (both of you) are aware of my obsession with the pumpkin flavor. I drink pumpkin coffee, eat pumpkin pie, have pumpkin beer, put canned pumpkin in my milkshakes. I decided to feed this unhealthy craving when, at Whole Foods, I stumbled across two competing pints of pumpkin ice cream. This could be very good or very, very bad. My lower lip is starting to tremble just thinking about it.

Both are made locally: Cold Fusion in Newport, RI, and SoCo Creamery in Great Barrington, Mass. Despite both being pumpkin flavor, each was subtly different from the other -- but both were delicious. The SoCo had a slightly stronger taste of cream and nutmeg, but the Cold Fusion tasted more strongly of pumpkin, to the point where it was almost exactly like very cold canned pumpkin. The winner? Both. I don't know. They're both pumpkin ice cream. Let me eat both.

One downside to the SoCo was that the ice cream was a tiny bit crunchy, as if there were larger-than-normal ice crystals folded in. I'm guessing the stuff was a little old. Don't worry! That's not a deal-breaker. I'm willing to give it another try with a fresher batch, particularly if SoCo wants to send me some for free. Come on -- give an unemployed guy a break.

One downside to the Cold Fusion: Don't eat it if you're allergic to anything at all. Anything. Also, I don't know what "crazies" are. I could be allergic and not even know it.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Whole Foods (Daily Photo 2.28.11)

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Picked up a few things at WFM. Much as I'm loath to admit it because of the store's high prices and reliance on selling preposterous bullshit, the food there is really delicious -- particularly, of all things, the meat. Maybe the colors are just brighter and that makes me think it's more delicious.

Spot (Daily Photo 2.27.11)

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Out for a walk.
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