Friday, February 11, 2011

Faces of cats (Daily Photo 2.10.11)

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I've been having some fun with the Instagram app on my iPod Touch, an app that lets you take fauxlaroids -- digital pictures shot in a square format with kitschy '70s-style filters to boost the image's artsiness and/or fartsiness. It's fun to use, and sharing to Facebook and Twitter is easy. Some people go a tad highbrow with it. I mostly use it to take pictures of the animals.

I shared this one thinking its moodiness and big ol' cropped facial closeup reminded me of the poster of a prototypical John Cassavetes film: specifically, this one at left.

Just a few seconds after I took this, the cats did get into a Cassavetes-style semi-improvisational psychodrama fraught with domestic tension. Picture it: we fade in to the top of a drawing table. There,  Chloe (foreground), the older and needier cat constantly desperate for our affections, perpetually anxious and emotionally bullied, immature and co-dependent, stares off into the distance wondering if she's made the right choices in life. Behind her, Leah -- younger, more aggressive, always at ease and dominating, also immature and co-dependent -- lays with her limbs stretched flagrantly over two cat beds. Leah doesn't need both -- she just wants both.  Chloe turns and gently pads over to one of the cat beds, lost in thought, perhaps drawn to the comfort of the bed as a symbolic gesture -- whereupon Leah lashes out and without warning strikes Chloe in the head with a paw sending Chloe, hurt and yet again inexplicably mistreated, running into the closet, repeating the senseless cycle of emotional violence that's plagued Chloe her entire life.

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