Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Early birthday (2.6.11)

Like it? 
The 7th is my birthday. I like doing art-nerdy things for my birthday, so Nik & I went to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. There's a new wing there with just American art, and we haven't seen it yet. 

We're museum members. While a line of The Great Unwashed stretched out the door waiting to get in, Nik and I strode in, flashed our passes, and waded through the rabble straight on to the art.

I said "art-nerd" above. On our way to the museum we talked a little about nerds, and how I've been branded that in the past -- but I'm not a computer nerd or a science-fiction nerd or a comic book nerd. I don't necessarily like those things. I'm an art-nerd. I get genuinely excited going to museums. 

For chrissake, look at this Sargent. Look at it! It's just a study. It was probably in the MFA's basement. But I've never seen it before, and getting a look at it blew me away. Check out the curves and the slashes of paint and the shapes. This thing looks like it's fucking moving.

If you haven't seen it yet, you should go to GoogleArtProject.com. It's like Google's Street View, but it takes you inside museums all around the world. The Met, the Frick, the Tate Britain, the Uffizi, the Van Gogh Museum, more. It's pretty much the best thing ever, and while I'd rather go to these places in person it's a good substitute while I'm out of a job.

While we were at the museum we ran into some friends of ours, Greg and Lynne, in town to check out the museum also. We gave them some space to check out the art, but at one point Greg leaned over to me and said, "I think this woman is the most relatable person I've seen so far." 

I told him I'd seen some statues of chicks with their tops falling down that I could also relate to. 

Nik noticed while we were there that the museum-going experience was slightly different than it had been in years past -- for one thing, more people were (like me) taking pictures and tweeting about what they were seeing. It wasn't a bad thing, just different -- more modern.

We didn't even get to the entire wing. Since it was a Sunday, the museum closed early -- we had to rush past much of the modern floor. Out of the corner of our eye we saw Hoppers, a Rockwell (unusual for this kind of museum), some O'Keefes. We're not done touring the entire wing properly. We'll have to come back. Which is fine because we're members. And I'm now out of a job. So I can basically go any day I want to, at any time.

When we left, we took a walk around the city, which is another thing I like to do. By the Christian Science center we saw several trees whose branches were choked with plastic.

On an unrelated note: This day is also the 25th anniversary of the day Nik's father died. I still wish I knew him.

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funderson said...

Thanks..now I'm a seething ball of jealousy. Thanks for the google-thing tip though. I'm going to go check it out.

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