Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Bunnyrabbit (Daily Photo 1.3.11)

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Nik & I paid the bunnyrabbits and guinea pigs a visit while buying dog food. We'd both like to have multiple of each running around the house for the purpose of frolicking merrily and spreading cuteness and fluff hither and yon, except for a few hurdles difficult if not impossible to overcome: (1) bunnyrabbits like to chew electrical wires and kill themselves, and with two technophiles living here who will use at any given time three laptops and two cameras and two external drives and TVs and space heaters and lamps, there are vipers' nests of important and (to a bunnyrabbit) potentially fatal electrical wires strewn about the floor; (2) the dogs would eat them. So instead we say hello and leave them in the safer hands of the pet store where they still don't get to frolic merrily but at least survive.

"I'd call that one Hal," Nik said about a cowlicked brown and white guinea pig. Then, looking at the other animals, she said, "I'd call all of them Hal."

She's doing Daily Photo entries, too, by the way. See them on her blog here.

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