Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bunny on a string (Daily Photo 1.23.11)

Like it? 

This is Bunny On A String. It's one of those dangly cat toys, a lot like any other cat toy. For some reason, the cats can't get enough of it. They seem to understand it's a toy -- because when we're not playing BOAS, they stare at it and meow at us, as in, "Hey -- make it do that thing again."

They haven't enjoyed a toy this much since the laser pointer, which by the way I eventually came to realize is mental cruelty because a cat won't ever achieve satisfaction by catching the dot and they don't have the capacity to understand what laser light is, so you're basically just teasing them mercilessly without any hope of relief, lording your intellect over them by taunting them with a perpetually unwinnable game, causing incurable stress and alienation and doom.

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