Sunday, December 26, 2010

Presents (Daily Photo 12.24.10)

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My family does all the usual Christmas stuff on Christmas Eve, mostly because it's also my mother's birthday. Part of our tradition includes the "Christmas table," where my mom lays out a slew of snacks, appetizers, sweets, and adult beverages on the formal dining room table. It's one of about 2 times per year the table is used.

Mom turned 62 this year, and asked me to take this picture as motivation for her to stay in the kind of shape where she fits easily into this dress. 

Nik drank more in one night than she had in several months combined, which is not very much. Martha, a close family friend, kept it light too. Normally she socks it away like a longshoreman -- even at 91. 

Earlier in the day, Nik and I went shopping briefly for an extra last-minute present for her Gramma. We passed on the ceramic pig-champ and the Elvis tote bag, for obvious reasons.

Instead, we bought Gramma a teddy bear. Earlier in the month, when Nik and I were in Florida, Gramma told us not to buy her any T-shirt souvenirs -- so we'd bought her a teddy dressed like an astronaut instead. Amazingly, Gramma loved it, and it's hard to get her to love anything. She'd admitted that as a girl she'd never had a teddy bear because her father, who was strict and cold and chauvinistic and kept wishing that every one of his kids was a son, only bought his daughters masculine toys. So as a girl Gramma kept getting train sets and whatnot, which she never cared for. It took her 96 years to get a teddy bear. The story made Nik and I so sad that we bought her another for Christmas.

And a purple hoodie. 

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