Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Marathon day (Daily Photo 11.21.10)

Like it? 
Started the day quite early so we could get Nik squared away for her marathon. By now, marathons are no big deal -- this is her seventh overall and her third time running Philly. But you still like to get there in decent time.

The race starts out in front of the art museum. I'll write more about it on the 4 Feet Running blog very soon, including a little race report. For now, content yourself with this panorama, which you can enlarge by hovering your mouse cursor on it and clicking away delightedly.

During the (spoiler alert) 4 hours and 10 minutes it took for Nik to run her race, I wandered around the city and looked at the architecture.

Wandering around for hours looking up might bore some people, but not me. I love skyscrapers.

Nik made it through the race just fine, by the way.

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