Sunday, November 14, 2010

Red, blue, and a 360 (Daily Photo 11.13.10)

Like it? 

The Japanese red maple out in my front yard is starting to turn. 

Ever since I got my new camera, I've been thwarted in my ability to take panoramas. My camera has the ability to take the individual shots needed to stitch it together, but it doesn't come with any software to do that. It's not as simple as joining the shots end-to-end in Photoshop because of a little thing called parallax. So I went online and found panorama-stitching software called Hugin and gave that a try. I went out for a 4-mile run to the cemetery near my house to take some shots and, long story short, ended up with this 360-degree panorama. Click it to enlarge it.


MattG said...

Depending on your version, Photoshop does have smart stitching capabilities, but it looks like you've solved it. Love those colors.

Lybbe said...

That maple is stunning!

Dan said...

Matt: I'm a few versions behind on Photoshop. I haven't looked if my version has that, but I will.

Lybbe: Thanks! That's what came out of the camera -- no messing around with it.

funderson said...

Holy CRAP! That is pretty!

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