Monday, November 01, 2010

Downtown (Daily Photo 10.30.10)

Like it? 
Cooling towers have gone up at the coal-fired power plant across the river. It's taken months of steady, circular construction starting with a phase where they were squat and ringed at the top with work lights like UFO landing pads. Now they're a part of the landscape. Everywhere you turn, there they are.


CewTwo said...

It looks like "The Simpson's" Springfield!


Sprout + Bean said...

If your parents have a soft spot for struggling 20 year old college students and would like to let me move into their 3rd floor for little money, please let me know. I'm really quiet and I'll bake them chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes. ;)

Dan said...

Sprout: Mmm, cupcakes... Not sure if they already have plans in mind for it. Sorry -- I remember how tough it was finding a good apartment.

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