Monday, October 25, 2010

New camera, Part 2 (Daily Photo 10.22.10)

Like it? 

This isn't about me getting another new camera -- this time Nik got one. 

Nik (obviously) has a wonderful eye for photography, but hasn't taken many pictures for a while, mostly because of her equipment. She's always had cameras lying around, from a Spider-Man camera she used when she was a little girl (now lost) to a Polaroid (also lost) to a Quaker Oats pinhole camera (thrown away) to various and sundry film cameras and a digital. The problem is that none of these were particularly portable and all of them were rather a pain in the ass for her to bother dealing with. Years ago I bought her this Olympus OM-1 at right, and she loved it because it's heavy and gorgeous and satisfying and I got her both a prime and a telephoto lens -- but who the hell can use film anymore? Years later I bought her the Canon Powershot A95 at center. It was more portable and convenient, but it weighs slightly less than the Olympus and requires 4 AA batteries every half-hour and it's not great to take on a run or to stash in a pocket or purse. 

So she bought herself a new digital camera, one she can carry around anywhere, simple to use, but which still blows all her old cameras out of the water feature-wise. She settled on a Sony Cybershot. It's amazing. 

She's also posting daily pictures on her blog, too. Check them out and subscribe to her blog here. Get after it!

P.S.: There's about half a roll of film still in that Olympus pictured above. We have no idea what's on it or when it's from. At some point we'll finish off the roll, develop it, and share what's on there.

After she bought her camera we went walking around the neighborhood looking for stuff to take pictures of. I found this telephone pole by the house which, for some strange reason, is decorated with keys. 

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