Saturday, October 02, 2010

New camera (Daily Photo 10.1.10)

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After dealing with a busted camera for a few days, I started looking around for something new. I didn't want a digital SLR because (1) the cost, (2) I don't want that much horsepower, and (3) portability is key if I'm going to carry the camera everywhere with me every day. You can only lug a DSLR everywhere you go for so long before people start to stare and become uncomfortable with your presence.

I was generously offered a secondhand Canon P&S camera by my friend Vince. I thought about it, then realized it was essentially the same model as a Canon of Nik's that she doesn't really use that much anymore. So I figured I might use her camera from now on. It's not nearly as portable and a lot heavier than the Kodak I was using, but what the hell.

Then we got an unexpected windfall in the mail for a book Nik illustrated about five years ago. I figured we could spare about a few bucks for a new camera. I considered a new iPod Touch, but it turns out the camera in those things is utter shit. It's a 0.7-megapixel fixed-focus camera. Basically, the quality of a disposable camera. You can build a better one out of a banana and some duct tape.

I ended up getting an Olympus FE-4030, which meets all my criteria: It's tiny enough to carry everywhere, not a lot of money, easy to take quick vacation snapshots, you can still monkey around with the settings, and it's purposely limited. I prefer having to use a camera that's purposely crippled in some way because I think it's more fun to struggle with a camera instead of having it hold your hand. It's not a monster Nikon D-90, but using that thing to take cute pictures of dogs wouldn't seem right.

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