Friday, October 01, 2010

Fire alarm rock-climbing (Daily Photo 9.29.10)

Like it? 

Had a fire alarm in the office. It was apparent to everyone that it wasn't a legitimate fire, but because it seemed like the thing to do and a nice change of pace, we all filed out of the building. Everyone else in the building hovered by the doors waiting for the inevitable (and as it turned out quickly-arriving) all-clear to return back inside, but I walked over to my new lunch spot on a tumble of rocks, the one easy access point to the 10-story-or-so cliff wall that overlooks my office building. I've been wanting to climb it for ages, and today I tried. What else was there to do? I didn't get far up -- I took this picture only about 20 or 25 feet or so off the ground -- but still fun. I sat for a while in a rock cradle and thought about nothing much. A nice way to interrupt the day.

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