Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cannibal pumpkin, raunchy beer, & butterdogs (Daily Photo 10.29.10)

Like it? 

I was lucky enough to get a long weekend (truthfully, not so much "lucky" as "I was owed a day off"), so I did some more pumpkin carving. This is the second one I've done this year (this is the first), and if I have time before Halloween I may do a third.

The event was fueled by beer in my new set of AC/DC pint glasses. For those about to drink, we salute you. Nik asked if the new glasses make the beer taste any different, and honestly they do: it tastes slightly more crass.

We also got a dog Halloween costume for Myrna. Stanley gave it a go too. Shut up, it's cute and you know it! For a couple more unbearably cute pictures of the dogs dressed as butterflies, see Nik's blog.

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