Sunday, September 26, 2010

Total grinding satisfaction (Daily Photo 9.26.10)

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When the weather gets humid, we can't use the salt. That's just how it's been in my house for years. I put grains of dry rice in the shaker, but still the salt clumps against the stainless steel shaker top during hot weather and it exudes salt-sweat, which just makes it clump more. Months go by and we can't get any damn salt out without wrestling the shaker into giving up a few precious grains. Today, during some shopping and errands, we (finally) got the bright idea to buy a salt mill instead. We ended up at a few kitchen accoutrement stores, found fancy-ass sea salt grinders going for $30, $50, up to $80 a pop -- an amount of money that made our hearts hurt. As in, we experienced pain in our cardiac organs.

Luckily, Target exists. We found two cheaper nice-looking salt and pepper mills. The box promised "total grinding satisfaction" or our money back. I won't need to collect on that promise. I'm totally satisfied in the grinding department.

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funderson said...

Wow, one doesn't usually get that kind of guarantee...

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