Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mystery dog shit almost all the way up our walkway near the mailbox (Daily Photo 9.13.10)

Like it? 

I came home from work and Nik said, "So what's up with the dog shit?" I had no idea what she was talking about. "The dog shit. It's right out front near our mailbox. How did you miss it?" I came to the front door from the driveway and didn't check the mail on my way in, so therefore I missed the pile of dog shit sitting in our walkway. I went out to investigate.

Here it is, almost all the way up our walkway from the curb to the house.  This isn't a matter of someone having a dog crap on our lawn -- I'm standing by our front porch in this picture. The only way to get to this spot is by coming up our walk, which is a good 15 or so feet. So some dog left the sidewalk, went 15 or so feet up my walk, took a shit, and left it there.

It's not one of my dogs' shit, because they wouldn't do that and they're not outside here unless we're taking them out. So I can only guess that it was either (a) a stray or (b) the worst dog owner in the world. I'm hoping it's not the latter, because this is basically one step away from prying open one of my windows and holding his dog ass-first inside my house.

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