Monday, August 02, 2010

Snouts (Daily Photo 8.1.10)

Like it? 

Nik and I went to a farmer's market (farmers'? farmers's? farmerz? I don't feel like looking it up right now). We were recommended by Gramma to a place in Dighton where they sell, among other things, chocolate tomatoes and these okra. The photo doesn't convey the scale of these things. My experience with okra is with the frozen stuff. These okra are about a foot long. At right is a photo of one of the okra next to a full-size spoon for scale. Don't ask me why I chose a spoon. I didn't have a ruler nearby. You know how big the average spoon is, right? Picture it.

I tried frying the okra. I chalk their shitty taste up to me -- I probably didn't cook them properly. They were tough and reedy. I'll figure out how to do it better next time.

This is a picture of Stanley's face, just because.


verbivore said...

They were tough and reedy because if you want them to be tender, you pick them when they're 3" long. Longer than that, they have cable girder infrastructures that would make the Golden Gate Bridge proud.

I grew up in Massachusetts, where I never would've learned that. Now I live in Texas, where everyone knows it.

Dan said...

Thanks! And here I was thinking the EXTRA-HUMONGOUS sized okra would be better than the little ones I've had. Nice to know once again that bigger isn't necessarily better, a phrase I repeat to myself very often.

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