Monday, August 02, 2010

New rug (Daily Photo 8.2.10)

Like it? 

Nik and I ordered a rug for the bedroom a while ago, and it finally came in today. We had to pick it up at the store. It's a 9-by-12-foot monster, and the whole way over we stressed over how we were going to fit it in the car. Would we have to strap it to the roof? Did we have enough bungee cords? Was I going to have to sit in the back of the station wagon with the rug hanging out the open back hatch, gripping it with both hands and teeth so it didn't tumble out onto the highway, rolling and crashing into cars and school buses?

Turns out it fit perfectly inside the station wagon, with the front of the rug resting on the dashboard.

It's very comfortable.

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