Thursday, August 12, 2010

Free beer (Daily Photo 8.10.10)

Like it? 

Some days at work are 100% shit. Others are merely excruciating. But every so often this bright young lad gets to come home a champion. Today was one such day, as the office was delivered a package from the Boston Beer Co. with two gratis bottles of a special, secret, not-yet-released-to-the-public Samuel Adams beer: Patriot Homebrew. I couldn't wait to take them home to meet the family.

Apparently Sammy only sells this flavor on tap at Gillette Stadium, and is the winner of a yearly brewing contest. Seeing as how I hate football, I figured this was my only chance to taste the stuff without making the long drive to the stadium and suffering through hours of watching grossly overpaid meatheads grope each other's private areas and pummel each other wearing what's tight, strap-on S&M gear de-dildoed and adapted for a family audience. Besides, you know what confiscatory prices they charge for beer at Gillette? It's like $11 a cup, and we're talking Dixie-size here!

The press materials (yes, the beer came with press materials) tell me "rauchbier" is German for "smoke beer," and it tastes like it. It's a dark brown-amber beer that tastes very pleasant, with a nice char-broiled taste with some hoppy, grassy overtones. So it's sort of like a brush fire, but much less destructive unless you have 7 or more of them. It's also deliciously smooth and would be the perfect dining complement to some grilled fish sprinkled with the ashes of a beloved relative. I generally prefer dark, hearty beers, so this is right up my alley. If Sammy sold this stuff in cases I'd buy it by the pallet. As it is, I only have one bottle left and I'm not willing to be held down through a Patriots game to get more, so I have to savor it.

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