Sunday, August 08, 2010

Babysitting (Daily Photo 8.5.10)

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Spent a day babysitting my niece Isabella in Philadelphia while her parents took care of some family business. I haven't spent much time alone with babies in a long time, and Isabella can't possibly recognize me from the last time I visited, but I think we made a pretty good team. I only lost her hat during a stroller ride, broke their Diaper Genie, and smeared some shit on her changing table pad.

I think she was at least OK with me, which is fine -- and is the minimum bar I'll set for my own future children some day. "Just don't despise me on sight and we'll get through this together." Stitch that on a pillow.

After my visit, I had to make the drive home through the night from Philadelphia to Massachusetts. It took me 7 hours.

That's not a complaint. Frankly I love long car rides. The instant I hit the lottery -- after I pay the big bills, sock away a little scratch for retirement and kids, and grease a few wheels with the relatives -- I plan on taking Nik and the dogs and possibly even the cats on a three-month-long driving tour of the country, tooling around from state to state meeting people, writing about and photographing the complex and shifting landscape and tourist traps, in search of adventure and meaning. That's if I can get the cats in the car.

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