Monday, July 12, 2010

Run through Tiverton (Daily Photo 7.11.10)

Like it? 

Nik and I decided to be spontaneous. I can often be spontaneous given adequate time to think about it and several weeks to plan exactly how the spontaneity will come off. Today, instead, we went for it without the customary preparation. After a couple of false starts due to restaurants that weren't there and others featuring only nut-laden food items that would cause Nik physical bodily harm, we ended up at a nice place in Tiverton and loaded up. Then we headed out on foot down a road neither of us had ever been down, and found this. Click to see the full panorama.

Nik's a much better runner than I am -- despite a sore leg and right bunion, she soldiered on up some challenging hills and through humid, sun-blasted weather (sun not pictured here, but I swear it was there).

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