Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ponkapoag Pond (Daily Photo 7.18.10)

Like it? 

The day before, Stanley and Myrna didn't do so well on their walk by the Cape Cod Canal. It was too hot, and the canal path is paved with tar that absorbed and spewed back out waves of shimmering heat. Nik and I decided we'd take the pups somewhere new today that promised to be cooler: Ponkapoag Pond near the Blue Hills in Canton and Milton. There's a 4-mile dirt and gravel path looping around the pond that's an easy to moderate hike, and most of it is shaded except this stretch where the path hugs the actual pond most closely.

There's a geocache there somewhere, but I never got the exact GPS coordinates -- so instead I went poking around random rocks where I thought I'd seen something.

Part of the pond is boggy and covered in hundreds, maybe thousands of lilypads.

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