Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Fourth (Daily Photo 7.4.10)

Like it? 

It was a weekend of road races for Nik and I. Yesterday was the Mattapoisett 5-miler, and today was the Harvard Pilgrim 10K, a road race through the suburban desolation that is the rest of Foxboro to finish triumphantly on the 50-yard line of Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots. The field is set up for the other kind of football -- soccer -- which is why it's a bit strange to run through an inflatable Patriots helmet to get to the finish. Click here to see the panorama at full size.

I struggled in the heat -- the weather was in the 90s, very humid, and heat radiated off the course's hot tar and from the 3,000 other runners elbowing me aside. Nik did not struggle. This is her at the finish. She barely sweated.

The Fourth is also Stanley's birthday.  Or whatever.  Who the hell knows, because he's a rescue dog found wandering the streets of Topeka, Kansas, eating garbage, but the Fourth is as good a guess as any as to when he was born and it's easy to remember.  We took him for a walking adventure to Plymouth.

Partly because (a) we hadn't been to Plymouth in a while; (b) there's good stuff going on there for the Fourth of July seeing as how it's the birthplace of America (not really); and (c) Stanley loves the river running through Brewster Park. He dives in and tries to catch the ducks, as demonstrated here 5 seconds before he pulled Nik nearly off the bank and into the water.  We don't know if that's technically OK for dogs to go wading in the river, but no snooty Plymouthians have bitched us out yet.

At night, we were beat from the weekend and the traveling.  We were sacked out on the couch when my parents called and said they were out watching the city's fireworks display and asked if we wanted to join them. I said no, because I was genuinely wiped out -- but after a while Nik felt like taking a walk with the dogs to see the fireworks anyway.  So we ventured out into the dark, headed down to the waterfront, and found a spot in the grass. The dark shape at right is the city's replica statue of the Iwo Jima memorial. Which took place in February, but what the hell.

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