Monday, July 26, 2010

Canon TX (Daily Photo 7.25.10)

Like it? 

Later that night, I was cleaning the attic and found one of our boxes of camera equipment. We have four manual cameras in our house, sitting in boxes: a Canon rangefinder that belonged to my parents years ago, my Nikon FM-10, an Olympus of Nik's, and this gorgeous Canon TX. I tried it a few times (unloaded, of course) and it makes the most satisfying, firm shutter clicks you've ever heard. It belonged to Nik's late dad, who I never met, and is built like a goddam tank. It weighs a ton, is made of sturdy metal the way great cameras were.  You could hammer nails with it all day and take pictures with it all night. Every time I stumble across our camera equipment, it strikes me again how much of a fucking shame it is that film has become such an expensive pain in the ass to develop, and I dream of at least digging my film developing tank out of the attic and buying some chemicals and developing my own negatives again. I could scan them in lieu of bothering with an enlarger and paper. But it's a hassle, expensive, limiting, and pointless. All that work, so I can post them here, where a handful of people glance at them and move on? Go to the trouble of buying film and taking 24 shots at a time again? It's a beautiful piece of equipment but sadly there's no reason to use it anymore.

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sexy beast of a camera

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