Monday, June 28, 2010

No cheesecake for Stanley (Daily Photo 6.27.10)

Like it? 

Dad turned 65, a milestone that in his younger days he looked toward fondly: the age at which he could finally retire and spend his dotage watching futebol, buying groceries, brushing up on his grilling technique. As it turned out, he ended up retiring a few years ago anyway, so he's already enjoyed several years of watching futebol &c., &c., which agrees with him nicely.

Mom and he decided to take Nik & I to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate. This disappointed the dogs, who love my dad and usually come with us to my parents' house and drive him crazy until he feeds them catcher's mitt-sized portions of steak, ribs, pork, chicken, &c., &c., whatever's come out of the stainless steel Meat Machine he keeps in the back yard. I explained to Stanley that he's not allowed in the Cheesecake Factory because he'd eat everyone's cheesecake, even the ones with ingredients that could kill him. He still sulked.


Bernadette said...

Poor Stanley! We have to make it up to him soon.

funderson said...


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