Monday, June 14, 2010

New faucet (Daily Photo 6.12.10)

Like it? 

Sometimes even when I succeed I feel like a failure. For instance: Our old faucet had a drip. I tried to fix it and couldn't. The drip became a flood. A pipe broke off while I tried to cap it, and we had trouble getting a plumber in, so we were without running water for two and a half days. There's a very limited selection of new faucet options for us because we need a two-hole wall-mount faucet and they don't exactly make tons of those -- they're not usually for kitchens. So we ordered a nice, classy-looking faucet in oil-rubbed brass that matched the Victorian look of our slate sink, thinking at least we could improve the look of the kitchen while we're making a mess of things. When we tried to hook it up, it was 1/8 of an inch too small. After some swearing and weeping, we ended up finding this faucet, which looks almost exactly like our old faucet except it's chintzier. We installed it ourselves. It works great, doesn't leak, and now we have running water throughout the house again. But it's chintzier. Conclusion: we can't have nice things.


Lybbe said...

You CAN have nice things. Once you get used to the new faucet you will appreciate it's value and beauty because you will recall how much you learned through the process of replacing the old one. Does that sound convincing? You had a bugger of a time with that little drip but you survived - and that's all that matters.

Dan said...

I was telling myself (out loud) that in about 3 days I'll start taking the working faucet for granted and not care about style anymore. That's almost the case. A couple more days and I'll get there.

OasisDouglas said...

HEY! Who won in the end?

You did!!!

Dan 1 - Faucet/plumbing 0
(the score might even up once Joe the plumbers bill hits the mail)

I kinda imagined you running around the kitchen like Tom Hanks in Castaway when he first started his fire...
"faucet, I have installed faucet"

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