Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hidden spot (Daily Photo 6.23.10)

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For the first time in nearly a year, I picked up a geocache. Briefly described: geocaching is a treasure hunt game where people hide objects in public places worldwide (the objects usually being small containers containing a log book and, if it's a big enough container, some trinkets). The hiders post the exact GPS coordinates of the hidden object online (usually You look up the coordinates, use a GPS device to take you to the spot, find the object, and sign and date the log book. The goal is partially to find the hidden stuff, and partially to discover a new place or rediscover an old one.

Like the above. On a lark, I looked up geocaches around my office and found that there was an easily-found one hidden literally within a stone's throw of my office building. I can walk to it in about a minute and a half from the parking lot. So after work, I did that -- walked over, found where the cache was hidden, and started to search. I found the geocache immediately, a hidden photo film canister buried up to the cap in the ground containing only a rolled up sheet of paper that other geocachers had signed and dated in the weeks and months beforehand, the most recent having visited just two days before. Then I realized I was standing next to what's actually a quite pretty little man-made pond surrounded by marshes and populated by a family of ducks, on the shore a bench and a worn spot in the grass where there was once a gazebo, since torn down. I've been working in that building for four years and had never noticed it was there.

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