Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Dripping tap (Daily Photo 6.8.10)

Like it? 
Thought I'd take a few minutes this afternoon to fix the dripping kitchen tap.

Few minutes, my ass.  I can't fix things in a few minutes. Nothing in my house can be fixed in a few minutes, not even light bulbs. One of the joys of having a house that's 109 years old is that everything keeps falling the fuck apart in highly dramatic fashion. When old things keep falling apart, little DIY jobs become weeklong clusterfucks. Cheap fixes become outrageously expensive without my even realizing it.

This was supposed to be a simple washer replacement. Step 1: Turn the water off. Step 2: Pop the handle off the faucet. Step 3: Remove the -- actually, it's not worth explaining further because I didn't get past Step 1. The faucet handle couldn't come off, no matter how much I twisted, pulled, hit it with a hammer, called it vile names, wept, pleaded, called it more vile names, hit it with a hammer again, wept again.

Long story short, I've taken the passive-aggressive route to fixing it. We hated the faucet anyway, so we ordered a new one. It should be here in about a week. See what I mean? Cheap fix becoming expensive? Weeklong clusterfuck?

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