Saturday, June 12, 2010

Courthouse (Daily Photo 6.10.10)

Like it? 

I don't usually run downtown because that's not a good enough reason to go there. Downtown Fall River is notoriously lacking any taste, culture, convenience, entertainment. But I went down there with Nik and saw that being added to the mix of pawn shops, struggling niche businesses no one enters, and elderly housing lately is this county courthouse, so new they haven't even taken the wrapper off and no one's yet pissed in the toilets. It's a halfway decent-looking joint (better at any rate than the beige cuboid Brutalism of City Hall) but what concerns me is how out-of-place it looks. It's kind of jammed shoulder to shoulder between a Dunkin' Donuts and some other building to the south in a spot that once held the now demolished South Main Place -- a typical Brutalist design itself, flat and squat with large and impenetrable, opaque, smoky brown panes of 1970s glass like the lenses of old men's glasses and walls inside and out of raw brown concrete, the most unfriendly and unwelcoming mall in history, everything brown, like a cross between an indifferently designed insurance office and a second-tier Soviet government building, utterly utilitarian and purely functional and harsh, oppressively fluorescently lit, a dingy and joyless hell colored by my impressions of the last time I'd been inside as a kid, because that's where my dentist was: inside South Main Place was very little and poor quality lighting, revealing that there were few stores and even fewer people inside not so much shopping as somehow trapped there, with the one bright skylighted spot shining on a single escalator that provided the one bit of fun. The courthouse is an improvement, but it seems to have no room to breathe. It's curled in on itself as if it's more trying to fit in its small alloted space than because it would look nice.

Whatever. As long as I don't have to go in it.

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Anonymous said...

On all fronts I agree except for Trio restaurant which is very cool.


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