Saturday, May 22, 2010

Window (Daily Photo 5.18.10)

Like it? 
Went for a run and had to leave Stanley behind, so he decided to give me a guilt trip out one of the front windows while I was leaving.

Stanley loves running -- his natural moving pace no matter if he's indoors or out is a high-speed, full-throttle, balls-out sprint (no mean feat if you're neutered). But Nik and I have cut down his exercise the last few days because he's looking thin. When we first adopted him, he was a skeleton covered with a soft liver-and-white pelt. His little docked tail was a sequence of sharp vertebrae bare of fur at the tip, and in the front of his chest on either side of his sternum were two hollows you could fit a fist into. We keep a close eye on his weight to make sure he stays fairly even, because he's so high-energy that he can't keep weight on. This week, we noticed his ribs stuck out just a little too much, so we cut down on his running and added a smidgen of cream cheese into his diet. Most dogs would like this. Most people would like this -- "No, you stay home and sit around gaining weight." Stanley, it makes upset.

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