Monday, May 03, 2010

Weekend in New Jersey, Part 2 (Daily Photo 5.1.10)

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The day before the races, Nik and I spent some time by the Jersey shore. She decided to spend the day before she was scheduled to run 26.2 miles running another 4 miles. I read a book.

Afterward, we went for a drive along the Jersey shore, finding quirky little towns across the bay from New York. We went for a walk in Sea Bright, where we saw this house. I'm assuming this is a house. It's a concrete rectangle set on posts. It's hooked up to electrical wires from the street and it's got a gas meter. I'm assuming someone lives there.

A good way to prepare for a road race is to get a foot massage. A good way to get a foot massage? Exfoliate with some sand and sea water.

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